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Nagoya Bar: Le Couer, Belgium in Nagoya

Nagoya Bar: Le Couer, Belgium in Nagoya

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Every year, in rankings the world over, beers brewed in Belgium consistently rate among the top five. Their rich flavours, fruity aromas, and lofty alcohol content seduce beer drinkers from all corners and of all (legal) ages. This, however, is not why Michi Ito stocks 50 Belgian labels in her quaint little cafe and bar in a quiet neighbourhood of Nishi Ward. (She admits that she is more of a sake lover, actually.)

The reason is in fact the matching glasses, which she enjoys collecting. In Belgium, each brew is sold with a matching glass that carries the beer’s label. At Le Coeur, whether you crave something fruity (16 labels available), something heavy (13 labels), something white (6 labels), or something fun (15 “cocktail” labels), you are sure to find it—along with its own unique drinking vessel.

Saving patrons from floating away on a 9% cloud, Michi also provides a small menu of very tasty treats called Chotto otsumami at a very affordable price (200 or 300 yen) or full meals, including Locomoco and Taco Rice (800 yen).

Op uw gezondheid! (Cheers!)

Lunchtime Hours: 11:30am-2:00pm
Closed: Sundays, national holidays, and every first and third Thursday
Bar Time Hours: 6:00pm-11:30pm
Tel: 052-541-1013

Nagoya Bar: Le Couer, Belgium in Nagoya
Le Couer