Table for Two: Feeding the world

It is not often that one hears of a Japanese initiative with the potential to have vast global effect; however, the recently born Table For Two Project promises to do just that. Originating from a... more

Two unique movements in Aichi education

Two unique movements in Aichi education

The Hundred Million Yen Project Have you seen a group of high school students, wearing different uniforms and carrying a box in their hands, shouting “Please donate to The Hundred Million Yen Project scholarship fund”? I... more

Get to grips with the law

For many westerners, the Japanese administrative and legal system is somewhat of a mystery, irrespective of it being in a foreign language. I mean, why do people need a kouseki, or a juminhyou, or other... more

Beating the heat in Chubu

Air conditioning in Japan is different from the central-air conditioning heaven in some other countries. However, the room-by-room style of air-conditioning is actually a lot better for the environment, although sensible use of windows and... more

Aussie Rules Rugby in Nagoya!

Australian Rules Football - The Nagoya Redbacks Australian Rules Football in Nagoya   The Nagoya Redbacks are the only Australian Rules Football team in Central Japan.  Join us as we defend our NAFL title and warm up for... more

Aichi Small Business Support Center

Have you thought about starting off a new business in Japan, particularly in the Aichi area? As you are probably aware, there is a level of bureaucracy to negotiate that is probably very alien to... more

World Class MBA in Japan: is there one?

Japan’s post-war economy (“The Japanese Miracle”) has been exhaustively reviewed and, for the most part, heavily praised. Say what you will about Japan, the size of its economy, its growth, and Japan’s contributions to manufacturing... more