Beaches in Fukui

Beaches in Fukui

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Kenneth Homes

Living in Chubu means we have probably the best access to the outdoors of anywhere in Japan. To the south and east we have the Pacific Coast, to the north the mountains of Gifu and Nagano, and to the west we have the Japan Sea coast. From central Chubu the easiest access would be the coast of Fukui prefecture.

Around one and half hours from Nagoya by car on the Hokkuriku expressway, or the same time by train on the Hokkuriku  honsen (main line) will see you in Tsuruga city, at the head of the Tsuruga Bay, itself part of the larger Wakasa Bay. From here you can head north to the Echizen coast, or west into the Tsuruga Peninsular or down the coast further.

The Echizen coast line is rocky and craggy, interspersed with multiple small coves and beaches. Echizen is famous for its crabs (best in the winter), and scuba diving. This is one of the main areas for scuba diving on the Japan sea, with relatively sheltered waters, and temperate ocean climate. Ideal for snorkeling as well, especially with children.

The Tsuruga peninsular has several large beaches, as well as Mizushima, a small island off the tip, where a ferry runs over the summer months. Remember to bring plenty of food and water, as there is none here.

We have highlighted some of the more popular destinations here on the map, but this region is ideal for a weekend trip and drive around the coast. A lot less crowded than some of the major Pacific coast beaches, it makes for a pleasant time away from it all (map at bottom of page or download a PDF here).

1. Matsubara Beach, on the outskirts of Tsuruga city,  a long white sand beach backed by a large pine forest (plenty of shade!)
2. Mizushima: off the eastern side of the Tsuruga peninsular, a lovely small island with a white sand beach and some good shallow water snorkeling.
3. Diamond Beach: actually a series of beaches connected around small headlands, this is a popular beach in the summer.
From here following Route 27 we head down the coast. There are lots of small and large beaches along this coastline such as 4. Kamiko Beach and 5. Pearl Beach, and it deserves some exploring. A couple of the main ones are:
6. Suishohama Beach, Mihama town. White crystal sand (suisho means quartz crystals in Japanese). Close to Mihama station on the Ohama line.
7. Wakasa Wada: 8km of white sand, a great, shallow, sheltered beach. Ideal for families. Only 10 minutes walk from Wakasa Wada station on the Ohama line.
8. Echizen coast: there are beaches and bathing spots all up and down this coast. The road hugs the coastline so you can just drive along until you find an attractive spot. Beautiful scenery and don’t forget the snorkeling gear!
9. Ayukawa: At the northern end of the Echizen coast is Ayukawa, a sheltered rocky beach with great snorkeling, and the campground is right on the water.
10. Mikuni Beach (Sunset Beach). Good safe swimming and a pine tree grove to relax in the shade. The Keifuku train line runs from Fukui city right to the beach.
11. Hamaji Beach. The water gets deep here quite quickly, so may not suit small children, but it rarely gets crowded. Bus from Mikuni available.
Note: in the summer (normally from around mid-August) box jellyfish start to appear on both the Japan Sea and Pacific Coasts. Although not as powerful as the Australian stinger, these jellyfish can give you a nasty sting, and for people with allergies could be dangerous.

Beaches in Fukui
Fukui Beach Map