Fireworks displays around Chubu

Fireworks displays around Chubu

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Kenneth Holmes

In Chubu, summer means hot and humid weather, eating unagi (eel) and massive hanabi (fireworks) festivals. There are a huge number of these events throughout the region, from small neighbourhood gatherings through to massive events with over 40,000 fireworks. Below we list up some of the major ones in the region over the summer months. Get out there and enjoy the spectacle!

18th – 20th July
Toyohashi Gion Festival (Aichi)
400 fireworks every night
Time: 18:30- 21:00
Where: Yoshida Shrine, Sekiya-cho 2, Toyohashi city
Transportation: a short tram ride from JR and Meitetsu Toyohashi station.  Get off at City Hall (Shiyakusyo) stop.

19th July Saturday
Ise Shrine Fireworks Festival (Mie) 
9,000 fireworks
Time: 19:30-21:15 
Where: Nakajima, Ise city, Mie prefecture,
Transportation: 10min walk from Yamadakamikuchi sta. JR line, or 15min walk from Miyamachi sta. Kintetsu line.

21st July Monday (holiday)
Minato Matsuri (Nagoya Port Festival)  052-654-7894
3,600 fireworks
Time: 19:30-20:30 
Where: Nagoya Port  
Transportation: Subway Nagoya Port Station
One of the most famous fire works festivals in the Nagoya area. People start to go and get their spots from around 3pm. Go around the aquarium side to avoid the crowds.

27th July Sunday
Toyota Oiden Matsuri (Aichi)
15,000 fireworks
Time: 19:10-21:00 
Where: Shirahama Park, Toyota city
Transportation: 10min walk from Toyota station on Meitetsu line
At the river-side park, spectacular unobstructed viewing of the fireworks.

27th July Sunday
Hamanako Kanzashi-Onsen Fireworks (Shizuoka)   
3,000 fireworks
Time: 20:00- 21:00
Where:  Uchiurawan, Tateyama Teramachi, Nishiku, Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture.
Transportation: 45min bus ride to Kanzashi-Onsen from JR Tokaido line Hamamatsu station

2nd August Saturday
Okazaki Fireworks Festival (Aichi)  
20,000 fireworks
Time: 19:00-21:00  
Where: Otogawa river side and Yahagigawa river side, Okazaki city
Transportation: 10min walk from Higashi Okazaki Sta. Meitetsu line
See the unique fireworks called “Golden Fish” that run across the face of the river.

3rd of August Sunday
Gero-Onsen Fireworks Musical (Gifu)
15,000 fireworks
Time:  20:00- 21:00
Where: Koda, Gero city, Gifu prefecture
Transportation: 2hrs by JR line or Bus from Nagoya station.

9th August Sunday
Fukuroi Ensyu Fireworks Festival (Shizuoka)  
30,000 fireworks
Time: 16:00-21:00 
Where: Omizukoen Haranotani river Fukuroi city
Transportation: 15min walk from JR Tokaido line Fukuroi station

10th – 16th August
Hirugami-Onsen Summer Festival (Nagano)   
150 fireworks every night
Time: 19:00-21:00
Where: Hirugami-Onsen, Achimura, Shimoinagun, Nagano prefecture Transportation: 2hrs bus ride from Nagoya Bus Center
Sit in the onsen (hot spring) and enjoy the fireworks in the crisp mountain air. Perfect antidote to a muggy summer.

11th August Monday
Mikuni Fireworks Festival (Fukui)
Time: 19:00 21:30
7000 fireworks
Where: Mikuni Sunset beach, Mikuni Town, Sakai city, Fukui.
In the north of Fukui, on the Echizen coast, this festival is held on the beach with the fireworks launched over the ocean.
Transportation: From Kanazu IC on Hokkuriku Expressway 25 minutes.

15th August Friday
Suwa Lake Firework Festival (Nagano)  
42,000 fireworks
Time: 19:00   
Where: Suwa lake in Nagano prefecture
Transportation: 8min walk from Suwako sta. JR Chuo line
Star mine fireworks on the lake and 2km of Niagara cascading fireworks entertain your eyes as much as the massive sounds do by echoing through the mountains.

16th August Saturday
Toro Nagashi (Lantern Drifting) and Great Exhibition of Fireworks (Fukui)
13,000 Fireworks
Time: from 19:00
Where: Matsubara Beach, Tsuruga City, Fukui
Transportation: From JR Tsuruga station, take the community bus (clockwise) to Matsuhara Koenguchi, then walk 5 minutes.
Lanterns are set to drift on the ocean while massive fireqorks are launched overhead.

17th August Sunday
Kumano Firework Festival (Mie)
10,000 fireworks
Time: 19:00 -21:30  
Where : Shichiri Mihama Kaigan Kimoto-cho Kumano city Mie prefecture Transportation: 5min walk from JR Kisei line Kumanshi station

Fireworks displays around Chubu
Great fireworks on display