Turning Ideas into Success

Turning Ideas into Success

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Lorraine Mills

If you’d of told me I was to become a photographer about 8 years ago, I’d wouldn’t of believed you.

Originally practicing Holistic Therapy in England, I’d married a Japanese man and relocated with him to Suzuka, Mie Prefecture. With no real language skills or contacts I decided to follow my desire to become an author and self publish, writing mainly about holistic and spiritual matters via E-books.

Not really looking for or knowing anything about the technical, focus or balance aspects of photography, I started to take shots of anything living and colourful; sunsets, crystals, nature, but mainly flowers, to catalogue an energetic collection of colours that I could use for a book cover or something. After a few months, to my surprise, I started to get some really good shots.

Getting used to Japan and my surroundings, the time spent with flowers seemed to take my mind off of the concrete and time spent working alone, without pressure or critique, allowed this new skill to flourish.

Even though I was buying flowers from local supermarkets, I found them to be well kept. My regular trips got noticed and a few shop keepers asked ‘why so many flowers?’ so I told them what I was doing adding ‘would you like to see my photo albums?
In early 2006, I’d spent a day sorting out the masses of photographs that I had collected and muttered “Phew, this could be a full time job”, but it wasn’t until 2007 that I went about registering myself as a business and subsequently set up the web site.

Taking baby steps all the way I have been gathering fans. Word of mouth from these lovely people lead me to have an offer from a gallery in England to sell my works on canvas and I have even been approach by an enthusiast to manage me in Europe and the USA. I’ve been asked to talk about my work at FEW Kansai in November at the Hilton Hotel in Osaka and have been contacted by couple in New Zealand who want to sell my work there too.

I’ve kept to my rule of not enhancing any of the photographs through Photoshop, which is a big talking point! This stems from my desire for the healing properties of live colour and natural energy to be shown first.

I have gone on to love finding new ways to show flowers in bloom and found great joy in seeing people smile at the colourful shots.

What is there to be achieved if you don’t criticize or make judgment of yourself or others? I think I am living proof that given time to develop, ideas hold great gifts. One has to follow up on ones ideas and desires, no matter what others say. It really is worth pursuing. After all, if you allow it, what is round the corner might be more amazing than you can imagine! We are all special and something to do for ones self, something of your own that brings about special feelings, will be the feelings that create a joyful and abundant life.

Turning Ideas into Success
Turning Ideas into Success
Turning Ideas into Success