HOSPY - The 'ojisan' band

HOSPY - The 'ojisan' band

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Rohan Charlton

My name is Rohan and I am an Australian living in Japan. One of the most rewarding aspects of my life in Japan has been playing regular live shows with a Japanese band called Hospy. Fellow veteran English teachers had always told me that the key to a more integrated and satisfying lifestyle in Japan is to become involved in something exclusively 'Japanese'. So when my friend Shinichi invited me to join HOSPY as a guitarist I jumped at the chance.


Hospy is comprised of members who work in the medical field including a Doctor, a radiologist, a pharmacist and a nurse. Myself excepted, all work for a Hospital in Nagoya called - you guessed it - HOSPY! Aside from being a great way of letting off steam after regular 10-12hr days, Hospy also serves as an unusual means of promotion for the hospital.


Last year Aichi Television station aired a mini-documentary about HOSPY. I was shocked to hear Hospy described as an ojisan band. To me the word 'Ojisan' had geriatric connotations of advanced age, however I was surprised to hear that in this context it referred to middle aged salarymen reliving their youth by playing the hit music of an era gone by. Indeed the live-house where HOSPY play once a month is called MEMORY POPS! Hospy's fame throughout Nagoya has actually spread far and wide and we have played at several famous hotels, bars, festivals and even the prestigious Nagoya Blue Note stage. It’s so much fun to play to an audience who so obviously appreciate the retro music and often sing along with every word!


Playing in HOSPY is one of the best things to have happened to me in Japan.  If anyone has a similar opportunity, my advice would be to dive in and without doubt get involved! Also if you are in the Nagoya area and in the mood for some funky retro tunes, come and see us live at Memory Pops!!

Memory Pops bar is in Hirabari, see their website for a map.

HOSPY - The 'ojisan' band
Hospy in full swing