Living in Japan

Wall Street Associates

Having recently returned to Nagoya after an 8-year absence, I have developed the impression that the economy is doing fairly well (except, perhaps, in the language school market!). Nagoya towers, Midland Square, major new outlet... more

SBD Japan

As many may know, the Nagoya region is home to one of the biggest and most extensive automotive industry clusters in the world. While Toyota and Nippon Denso may be household names, there are an... more

FEW Japan: taking care of business

FEW Japan: taking care of business

There are these moments where you as a foreign women feel stuck in the Chubu region. Nagoya may be  booming, but language barriers, homesickness, living outside of Nagoya in a more rural area, a job... more

Get to grips with the law

For many westerners, the Japanese administrative and legal system is somewhat of a mystery, irrespective of it being in a foreign language. I mean, why do people need a kouseki, or a juminhyou, or other... more

Aichi Small Business Support Center

Have you thought about starting off a new business in Japan, particularly in the Aichi area? As you are probably aware, there is a level of bureaucracy to negotiate that is probably very alien to... more

Aichi-Nagoya international Business Center

The Aichi World Exposition was held in 2005 in Aichi. One point that the local authorities became painfully aware of at the time was that internationally (and to a degree, within Japan), brand name recognition... more

Turning Ideas into Success

Turning Ideas into Success

If you’d of told me I was to become a photographer about 8 years ago, I’d wouldn’t of believed you. Originally practicing Holistic Therapy in England, I’d married a Japanese man and relocated with him to... more

World Class MBA in Japan: is there one?

Japan’s post-war economy (“The Japanese Miracle”) has been exhaustively reviewed and, for the most part, heavily praised. Say what you will about Japan, the size of its economy, its growth, and Japan’s contributions to manufacturing... more

Biting hard: economic crises and the Brazilian community

Biting hard: economic crises and the Brazilian community

The current world financial crisis and the Japanese recession is really starting to bite, and no more so than amongst the Brazilian community in Japan. The Chubu region has the greatest population of Brazilians in... more