Living in Japan
Life in Japan

Slow food and sex

I’ve just been on my annual visit to Tokyo. I still have some friends there and a few clients, which gives me the excuse to make the trip tax-deductible. But the real reason this time... more

In praise of <i>furin</i>

In praise of furin

Just in case there are people out there that think they are going to read about those cute little wind bells people hang outside their houses in summer, sorry to disappoint you. This is going... more

Best friends

Franciszka, my mystic nurse from Poland, has just made her annual visit. She left 3 days ago, and since her departure I have been trying to console myself by rereading Mumonkan, that wonderfully irreverent and... more

Expat groups around Nagoya

Nagoya, including the surrounding region, has very active expatriate communities. There isn’t just one community; there are a variety of them. Each community serves a particular interest. While there is some overlap in the membership... more

Partners in Crime: Life in a mountain village

Among the things that I have learnt from living in Japan is the problem of having too many principles. Each situation is different and one should change accordingly. And, then, with time, one’s views change, or... more

Good Day Sunshine

Can this be winter? It’s a clear, warm day and I’m sunbathing in the armchair outside the front door of my mountain home. As I dip a petite madeleine into my coffee I’m half hoping... more

The smile of Spring

The smile of Spring

Spring comes to Oyama. Today is one of those days when the world seems perfect. A day when, for an instant, decay and death seem to have disappeared. Everywhere is flowers and flower buds. And... more