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Expat groups around Nagoya

Expat groups around Nagoya

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Ernest Schaal

Nagoya, including the surrounding region, has very active expatriate communities. There isn’t just one community; there are a variety of them. Each community serves a particular interest. While there is some overlap in the membership of those communities, that overlap isn’t major.

For instance, Nagoya has a theater group, a writer’s group, and a computer user group, all of which are in English. While some members of these groups belong to the other groups, many members do not. Some of these members aren’t even aware of the existence of the other groups.

Given all that, how do you find the right groups for you? That is what this article is about.
The answer is the Internet. Each of the three groups mentioned has an active presence there.

The theater troupe (Nagoya Players), which has been in existence since 1975, has a website (, a Yahoo group (nagoyaplayers), and a group on Facebook (Nagoya Players Japan).
The writer’s group (Nagoya Writes), which has been in existence since 1991, has a website (, a Yahoo group (nagoya-writes), and a small group on Facebook (Nagoya Writes).
The computer user group (the Nagoya International Personal Computer Club), which has been in existence since 1996, has a website (, a blog about previous meetings (, a Google group (Nagoya International PC Club), and a small group on Facebook (NIPCC).

Notice the recurring theme here? Each of these groups has a website, a Yahoo group or Google group, and a group on Facebook. Other expatriate groups in the region around Nagoya also have at least of those three elements.
For instance, the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme has its own website for its members ( and many of the prefectures have their own Yahoo group (e.g., aichiajet and gifu-jets). In addition, there are Yahoo groups for JET members sharing special interests (e.g., VegetarianJETs, AlbertaJET, and Irish_JETs). Also, there are a variety of groups on Facebook specifically designed for JET members.
In addition to all that, there are a variety of other expatriate groups that have a Yahoo, Google or Facebook group. If you go to the Yahoo and Google groups pages and you can enter in search requests to find what groups there are in your area.
For instance, a search of Yahoo groups having the word Nagoya resulted in 285 hits, including an international interdenominational Evangelical church in Nagoya (NagoyaEnglishFellowship), a games club (JIGG_Nagoya), a Bangladeshi community (nagoyabashi), the Nagoya International Club (nagoya_international_club), and an e-mail based information network (nagoyanagnet).

In addition to all that, there is one other type of Internet source for expatriates, the resources page of the Avenues magazine website ( That page has articles about various resources for expatriates, sorted by region.
Remember, when it comes to finding out about groups for expatriates in Japan, the Internet is your friend.