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Fishing in chita

Fishing in chita

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For those of you in the Nagoya area who love fishing, you are lucky in that just down the road (so to speak) is the Chita peninsular, one of the most popular (and productive) recreational fishing areas in central Japan. By car the closest spots are only 40 minutes or so. Typically you are going to want a surf casting type rod to be able to get some distance to your cast, 4 – 6kg line and a suitable supply of sinkers, hooks and bait.

Some of the easily accessible fishing spots are outlined below. But before you go, always remember to treat the sea with respect. As a minimum:
-    check the weather forecast
-    never go fishing alone
-    always tell someone where you are going and when you will be back
-    at any time of year take lots of (non-alcoholic) liquids, a hat and sunscreen
-    take and wear a lifejacket or flotation device
-    don’t forget the bait!

Shinmaiko Marine Park, Chita City
新舞子マリンパーク, 知多市
This would be the closest point from Nagoya city. You could actually walk from Shinmaiko Station (Meitetsu line) if you wanted (although other commuters might not appreciate you on the way back!).

Toyohamagyoko port, Minamichita town
Toyohama Port offers long, relatively snag free breakwaters with a variety of bottom types. Target species here would be suzuki, ainame, shimaji and inada.

Tomigusaki Port, Mihama town
冨具崎漁港, 美浜町
On the Noma side of Tomigusaki Port is an ideal, sheltered spot to take little kids for a fun day fishing, even if it is only for haze. Lots of families come here, plenty of parking on the weekends.

Utsumi Beach area, Minamichita town
内海海水浴場, 南知多町
While you may not want to try fishing around here in the summer peak swimming season, Utsumi is actually one of the best places to catch kisu.

Shinoshima Island, Minamichita town
篠島, 南知多町
Shinoshima is an island just outside the Mikawa bay.  To get there you need to catch a ferry from either Kowa Port 河和港 or Shisaki Port 師崎港 on the Mikawa bay side of the Chita peninsular. Once you get to the island, you have a choice of the traditional breakwater type fishing, or if you walk around the south of the island there are a lot of rocky points to clamber out on for a cast.

Want to know more about fishing in Chita? Drop in to Rock Wall bar and talk to Hige san, the author of this article. Rock Wall Bar, Mizutani Building 1F, Uchiyama 3 chome 1-17, Chikusa ku; come out of Chikusa station Exit 3, turn left and follow the railway line about 4 blocks and its on your right. Open from 6PM till midnight.

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