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Free Guided Tour of Nagoya Castle

Free Guided Tour of Nagoya Castle

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Free Guided Tours in 2009 by the Japan Guide Association
Working together with “Yokoso Japan Weeks”(Jan.20〜Feb.28,2009), the Japan Guide Association provides free guided tours by the national licensed tour guides. The tours are only for foreign tourists/residents and people of tourism industry.

Venue: Nagoya Castle
Date and Time: January 25th Sun.
10:00-/ 11:30-/ 13:00-/ 14:30
Program: Walking Tour
Language: English and Espanol

Meeting Spot: 9:50/11:20/12:50/14:20
Inside the main gate of the Nagoya Castle

Remarks: Admission fee of the Castle, 500yen/person

The tours are held also in Tokyo (Jan.20), Nagasaki (Jan. 25) and Kyoto (Feb.2).

For more information please contact us:

Japan Guide Association
〒100-0005 東京都千代田区丸の内 3-4-1
TEL 03(3213)2706 FAX 03(3213)2707 
Download the tour brief here.