Get to grips with the law

For many westerners, the Japanese administrative and legal system is somewhat of a mystery, irrespective of it being in a foreign language. I mean, why do people need a kouseki, or a juminhyou, or other... more

Beating the heat in Chubu

Air conditioning in Japan is different from the central-air conditioning heaven in some other countries. However, the room-by-room style of air-conditioning is actually a lot better for the environment, although sensible use of windows and... more

Aussie Rules Rugby in Nagoya!

The Nagoya Redbacks are the only Australian Rules Football team in Central Japan.  Join us as we defend our NAFL title and warm up for the JAFL season from April. We take all comers, experienced... more

Play group for foreign children

ENGLISH PLAYGROUP Chayagasaka Cooperative Playgroup is for children 0 to 6 with at least one non-Japanese parent. We meet Wednesday mornings near Chayagasaka subway station; 500yen per session. Email Helen: more

Free Eglish speaking tour guides

Aichi Goodwill Guides Network (AGGP) provides free English speaking guides to help you during stays in the Nagoya and Aichi region. Full information is avialble on their website at more

Expat groups around Nagoya

Nagoya, including the surrounding region, has very active expatriate communities. There isn’t just one community; there are a variety of them. Each community serves a particular interest. While there is some overlap in the membership... more

Aichi Small Business Support Center

Have you thought about starting off a new business in Japan, particularly in the Aichi area? As you are probably aware, there is a level of bureaucracy to negotiate that is probably very alien to... more

Aichi-Nagoya international Business Center

The Aichi World Exposition was held in 2005 in Aichi. One point that the local authorities became painfully aware of at the time was that internationally (and to a degree, within Japan), brand name recognition... more

Hot springs in the Chubu region

Hot springs in the Chubu region

As the weather begins to cool down and the festival season ends it is time for the most relaxing of all Japanese past times – having a bath - to be taken up again in... more

Web Japan

Website with an extensive listing of information of Japan, travel spots, and local sity and prefecture homepage links. more

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